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Reverend Sandra Atkinson

Throughout my lifetime I have assisted many people. As a teacher for over forty years , I have met many people seeking guidance for their daily lives and answers to many spiritual questions. Recently I have become a Spiritualist minister and have answered the call to share messages from Spirit. 

 I welcome you to my website. How may I be of service?  

Messages from Spirit

During your reading, Reverend Sandra Atkinson communicates with Spirit to bring healing messages for your highest best. The numbers that surround you also offer guidance for you on your Earth walk. Sandra believes that divine love is abundant, that mediumship is a gift from Spirit, and everyone can manifest their own life. Reading may be done in person or remote by skype or phone.

Donation of $60 for 30min.

Numerology Reports

Uncover your destiny and life purpose. This numerology report will use your birth name and birth date to find the life lessons you are to be learning in this lifetime.  Intuitively,  Reverend Sandra Atkinson will reveal the true essence of who you are and share information to bring love and abundance into your life.

Report emailed for $40

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing clears toxins from your surrounding light body, re-establishing resonance among the body's biological and spiritual systems to restore its original blueprint. Using Grandmother Blue Owl's mesa, her healing stones, combined with Reiki and Spiritualist training, your healing will release stress and allow your body and spirit to continue to heal itself. This can be shared in person or remotely.

Donation of $60 

Classes with Grandmother Blue Owl

 Basic Feng Shui is a workshop that will teach you simple ways to bring love, prosperity and calmness to your home.

Number Power will share how to find your five power numbers that guide you daily. Step by step, you will learn to understand the numbers all around you.

Soul to Soul Circle is a developmental circle where we learn the basics of spiritual insight and meditation.

Exploring Shamanism is a workshop  where the basics of the shamanic way are explored. During this time the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki are transmitted.

Class prices vary with number of participants

Average price is $15 per person.

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Enlightenment!  Sandi is a wonderful teacher, motivator and speaker.  Awesome spiritual experience. 


Beamsville, Ontario

Learning Feng Shui from Sandi was an absolute pleasure!  The changes in  my life ..have been nothing short of amazing.  I did not expect such dramatic results..and I am beyond grateful.


St. Catharines, On

Its like magic the way the reading worked.  Sandi saw my mother and saw dancing.  Dancing fills a great part of my life.  The time I spent in Peru was very powerful and the presence of Jaquar was very healing. 


North Toronto, On 

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