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Grandmother Blue Owl

Serving others has been a lifelong goal for me.  From an early age I sensed Spirit was always around me, guiding me and connecting with me at different times in my life.  I always knew that those that have passed on were still around and feeling their guidance was just a way of living my life.     Along with being an educator and working with amateur theatre,  I became a yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a Numerologist and a Feng Shui consultant.  Understanding the resonance of energy and how that works with us to manifest our life became an important path for me to follow.  After retiring from teaching, I traveled to many sacred sites throughout the world to be part of the sacred energy that I know is there for us to share. "Sitting in the Great Pyramid listening to the waves of sound and feeling the tingling from the red granite,  something magical was awakened within my soul".  This led me to a deep study in Shamanism and an opening to the healing energy of our stone people who are always around us.  I have been ordained as a Spiritual Minister   at the Fellowships of the Spirit School and Prophecy in Lily Dale, N Y.     Now, following many years of learning and experiencing, I feel honoured and blessed to be serving Spirit by bringing healing to those I work with.  


In Greek mythology, Owl accompanies Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom.   Owl has since been used as a symbol of knowledge, clairvoyance and magic throughout the western world.   Owls have great vision and are able to adjust their eyes in an instant to a microscopic focus.  As a bird of the night and of Grandmother Moon, Owl's hearing is just as keen as its sight.  Those who work with Owl medicine can see and hear what others may not.

In Shamanic studies, Owl's gifts to us  include looking within to see the shadow side of our perceptions and understanding messages from Spirit.   

I was given my name "Grandmother Blue Owl" by Don Marine, a Shaman from Peru.   Always , I am very blessed and grateful for the gift to be of service and share Owl's gifts.    



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